New build boats available on

We are really excited to have added a ‘new build’ boats platform to our site, enabling you to view and purchase the latest designs from small and medium-sized manufacturers.

South Africa is one of the first franchises to test out our new system, listing Admiral 40, Hopyacht 30 and Invicta Power 30 catamarans, plus Atomic 22 open/sports fishers, alongside used boats.

The move supports boat builders who are looking to reach buyers outside the traditional methods of dealership networks and boat shows, giving our customers an even wider portfolio to choose from.

In keeping with our ethos of transparency, the new build listings are featuring ‘meet the builder’ videos where boat builders discuss their passion, enthusiasm and experience. We have also added additional information covering lifestyle & use, unique features, design & build and prices & processes to give you an in-depth understanding of how the boats are built.

South African franchisee, Bruce Stirk, was keen to list new build boats after being approached by manufacturers to provide them with a viewing platform for their latest designs: “Nine local boat builders now have a virtual dealership, giving them access to a worldwide market, and having shared their videos, additional photos and details, they’re ready to deliver to wherever there’s demand. We’re also in talks with 16 more boat yards.” founder, Neil Chapman, comments: “This is a win, win scenario for everyone; boat builders can reach a global audience, our franchisees can recruit new boat manufacturers, share their listings, introduce clients to boats they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to view and tap into new commission streams, and customers have more choice and are not restricted by their location.

Neil concludes: “We’re confident the new boat build platform will bring more traffic and buyers to the site and open up greater opportunities for the listing and sale of used boats as more new builds are ordered or considered. As well as giving the group and individual businesses a considerable commercial opportunity, we’re helping to kick-start sales for smaller manufacturers, who are the backbone of our boat industry.”

More manufacturers will be launched across our global network in the coming months. Check out’s new build boats here.