Caribbean & Corona

Caribbean & Corona

Andy Topham

Island Wide Impact

These are obviously difficult times globally and the impact on peoples life's is unprecedented.
In the Islands things have got tough in the last few days, new measures have been put it place with ports or entry closed and travel bans.
Some Islands are now on total lock down and no persons able to leave there property. With these sanctions in place it is difficult but not impossible to accommodate boat listings and sales.

For owners who are presently living or still have access to there boats we can work with you to list the boat even if we are not present. This gets the boat out into the market place and gathers exposure ready for when restrictions are lifted. We can revisit for further details at a later date.

This week we sold a boat which had a recent survey and the buyer was happy to proceed with sale after viewing the recent high resolution images we provided.

So we are open business and happy to try and accommodate your needs anyway we can.

If you need advise on any of the specific Island restrictions please contact us.