Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Boatshed is one of the World’s largest and most successful yacht and power boat brokerages. It is a franchise business offering a wide range of opportunities to suit almost anyone interested in becoming a yacht broker, from complete novices to established marine businesses. If you are considering a career in yacht broking, or if your existing business could sensibly expand into brokerage, please read on...

We offer 3 main routes to join Boatshed...


A Boatshed Franchise License enables yacht brokers and individuals new to yacht broking, to sell used boats as part of the Boatshed Network. It is the complete market leading, one-stop solution for used boat brokers.

A Boatshed Franchise License is ideal for (i) existing yacht brokers who wish to join one of the largest and most successful used boat sales networks in the world, and (ii) individuals new to the used boat sector, who wish to run their own business, with full support, as part of an established, successful local, national and international sales network.


Boatshed Partnership is an extremely flexible way to join the Boatshed used boat sales network. Whether you want to acquire a full license by part payments, or operate a local sales territory and share profits with Boatshed without your own license, Partnership arrangements are sufficiently flexible to include almost anyone wishing to run a Boatshed brokerage business.

Boatshed Partnership is ideal for (i) a new yacht broker who wishes to join the Boatshed Network as a franchise business owner, but is not immediately in a position to acquire a full license, or (ii) a new yacht broker who does not want to acquire a full license, preferring instead to operate a local territory in partnership with Boatshed.

A Boatshed Partnership can be tailored to an individual’s circumstances.

Network License

A Boatshed Network License enables established marine sector businesses to sell used boats within the Boatshed Network, whilst maintaining the existing business’s profile and branding.

A Boatshed Network License is ideal for:

  • (i) an existing yacht broker who wishes to take advantage of Boatshed’s industry leading software and wide reaching sales platform as part of its sales strategy.
  • (ii) a New Boat business that wants to sell used boats as well.
  • (iii) a Charter business with used boats to sell.
  • (iv) marine businesses which offer a range of products and services, that want to sell used boats.

Each Boatshed Network License is tailored to an individual business and will operate alongside that business.

For more information about joining Boatshed, or to have an informal chat about what we offer, please contact Chrissie Capel, Business Development Manager.